Our Purpose

Individually and as a body of Christ, our Command is to Love, our Call is to Grow and our Commission is to Go. The Command we have been given is to Love God and Love One Another; The Call for our life is to Grow as Disciples of Christ; The Commission of our life is to Go into our world sharing the gosple of Christ. Realizing that our Love will lead to our Growth and our Growth will lead to our Going, the focus of Trinity's schedule is designed to intentionally move us through the process of Love. Grow. Go. We want to be a body of believers whose foundation is Love and whose structure is focused on fulifilling our Call and Commission. Sunday mornings focus on our Love for one another by establishing Christ-centered relationships through small groups and our Love for God through corporate worship. Sunday nights focus on our Growth as disciples through the study and application of God's Word in Growth Groups. Wednesday nights focus on Going into our community through LifeChange Outreach teams. Our special events and activities are also clearly defined as fulfilling Love. Grow. Go.
LOVE            Our Command:                     Love God. Love one another.
GROW          Our Call:                               Grow as followers of Christ.
GO               Our Commission:                  Go into all the world. Local to Global.