At Trinity, we believe discipleship must be intentional and there must be a balance of both relational learning, which we accomplish through small groups, and biblical teaching, which we accomplish through our Midweek Equip Ministry. We offer 3 ten week semesters per year. There are 4 tracks to meet every member where they are in their spiritual development. We encourage our members to evaluate what track meets them in their current season of growth. Courses are scheduled as a university model 2 year scope & sequence so that members move through an intentional process rather than jumping from study to study.
BEGINNING | Foundations 1 | Baptist Faith & Message | Dr. John Holston
GROWING | Survey 1 | Old Testament Survey | Pastor Tim Noel
GROWING | Women | In His Image | Heather Noel
LIVING | Family 1 | Kingdom Marriage | Wes & Jamie Marter
SHARING | Apologetics 1 | Worldviews & World Religions | Lynn Reinbolt