Trinity’s Worship Arts exists to lead members and guests in intimate encounters with God through the Holy Sp­irit during congregational times at Trinity. Trinity’s Worship Arts employs the gifts of music, both vocal and instrumental, as well as drama to engage and encourage those who attend Trinity to participate in worshiping God as a response to what He has done in our lives, individually and corporately.
Trinity’s Worship Arts consists of an array of ensemble entry points for anyone who is interested in using their talents. Those include:
For Trinity members 7th grade and older. This is our Worship leading choir that “serve in leading from the loft” on Sunday mornings. No auditions required. Rehearsals are on Sunday afternoons at 4:30 pm.
A rotating group of Worship Team members who “serve in leading from the platform” on Sunday mornings and occasional Sunday evenings. To be considered for Trinity’s Praise Team, you must be a consistent member of Trinity’s Worship Team and attend extra rehearsals. Rehearsals are Sunday afternoons at 3:30pm (with trinity.orc) and 4:30pm (with Trinity’s Worship Team) as well as Sunday morning sound check at 8:30 am.trinity.orc For Trinity members 7th grade and older.
trinity.orc is the instrumental ensemble that serves as accompaniment during Sunday morning corporate worship times. ANY instrumentalist is welcome. Extra rehearsals are required. Rehearsal times are Wednesday afternoons at 5:30pm and Sunday afternoons 3:30pm, as well as Sunday morning sound check at 8:30am. All rehearsals are in the Worship Center.
For Trinity members 7th grade and older. Upper Room Players is Trinity’s dramatic arts ensemble. They serve in leading with acting and interpretive movement. They provide dramatic elements for Christmas and Easter events, as well as providing occasional dramatic worship segments during Sunday morning corporate worship times. No audition is required. Upper Room Players meet as a Sunday Evening Growth Group at 6pm in the Martha Faught Choir Room.
For Trinity Members 11th grade and older. This is the “Lights! Camera! Action!” wing of Trinity Worship Arts. They are responsible for making us look, sound and record well each Sunday morning. Some computer (very minimal) experience is handy. For those who are interested in being in the essential “background” of everything that happens in the Worship Center, this is the perfect ministry.
If you would like further information about any of the Worship Ministry Teams, please contact Minister of Worship, Randy Cross.